Then & Now Web Design


Then & Now Web Design


The website is to provide a platform that will educate individuals on textile waste, shift people’s perspective of fast fashion and to promote shopping circular. This site will meet the end users’ needs through clear navigation and good usability. 


UX/UI Designer

Content Creator


Figma, Photoshop


01. Understand



Content Creation 


02. Empathize


Target Audience

Persona creation


03. Ideate


Site Map


Hi-Fi Prototyping

04. Design


Final Design

01. Understand

The primary audience is women and men aged 18 to 35 who are environmentalists, fashion forward, and are open minded to change the way they shop. The secondary audience will be public figures who play a role in the Vancouver social scene. They can help promote the event.

The users goals will be met by finding out more about textile waste. Also, it will promote how the user can make a difference through recycling their garments or attending the monthly popups.

02. Emapthize

User Centered Design

When designing websites, I always use a user centered approach and put myself in the users position. For a website to have a low bounce rate, it’s important that the user doesn’t have to click an unneccesary amount of times. It should take less than 3 clicks to go where they want to navigate to. For this design, I used a lot of buttons so the user could quickly navigate to that page if they were intrested in that section.

03. Ideate

The usability of a website is crucial when designing a website. It’s important to set a strong foundation using information architecture to build out the site. For the navigation, there should not be more than 7 +/- 2 in order to reduce the amount of clicks for a user. I added the key pages to the site navigation. Once the site frame was complete, I created lo-fi wireframes.

04. Design

For this website, I intentionally chose a minimal design style because I wanted to highlight the cause, the impact of textile waste on our planet. Using a font pairing of a serif and sans-serif font for the paragraph text, the message is clearly presented. The colour choice are muted colours, to make the images pop and really speak to the audience. Continue scrolling to see the three mockups for Then & Now!

Home Page Mockup

Textile Waste Mockup

Mockup of Textile Waste Page

Our Impact Mockup

Mockup of Our Impact Page

Mobile Site Prototype

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