R Denim Web Design


R Denim Web Design


Without having a dominant online presence, R Denim was impacted greatly by COVID-19. Dependent on inperson pop-ups as their main source of revenue and lack of online store, forced R Denim to strategize on the best way to continue making sales. This website goal is to bridge the gap between being able to connect to their customer and selling their one of a kind denim. Their website is minimal, but delivers a positive user experience to those looking for vintage denim.  


UX/UI Designer


Figma, Squarespace, Photoshop


01. Understand


Competitive Analysis


02. Empathize


Empathy Mapping

Persona creation


03. Ideate


Information Architecture


Hi-Fi Prototyping

04. Design


Final Design

01. Understand

Currently, R Denim’s online presence is it’s Instagram account (@shoprdenim).  Creating a website will enhance R Denim’s brand for multiple reasons. Firstly, when people go to search “R Denim” having an e-commerce site will allow users to shop and learn more about the history behind R Denim. It also creates the opportunity for potential customers who are looking for vintage denim to discover R Denim. Recently, there has been a spike in interest of people shopping sustainably and locally due to COVID-19. So, the timing couldn’t be better to launch a website.

02. Emapthize

Customer Journey Map 

This Customer Journey Map (CJM) highlights the interactions that they would experience if they were to order a product online. It includes the customers goals, process, and how R Denim can optimize their customer experience. As you can see, there are for pain points and ideas to keep in mind when a customer is on the online store. 

03. Ideate

The usability of a website is crucial when designing a website. It’s important to set a strong foundation using information architecture to build out the site. For the navigation, there should not be more than 7 +/- 2 in order to reduce the amount of clicks for a user. I added the key pages to the site navigation. Once the site frame was complete, I created lo-fi wireframes.

Site Map for R Denim

04. Design

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