Pizzeria Farina


Pizzeria Farina – UX/UI Case Study


This UX/UI case study explores the current Pizzeria Farina (not affiliated) website. When using their website one day, I noticed there ware several pain points with the current design. The goal of this case study is to complete a full site audit to explore how their overall website usability could be improved to create a greater customer experience with my collegue.


UX Designer


Google Docs, Google Sheets, Zoom,

System Usability Scale, Rainbow Spreadsheet

Pizzeria Farina is a popular restaurant in Vancouver. Their website is essentially one page with the menu, location, and images from Instagram. The navigation is split into 3 options for ordering online and links to their social pages. We want to test the effectiveness of this simplicity and if it translates to a better or worse user experience.

We conducted this test by first creating a screening survey with 11 participants to answer some basic questions such as, what method they use to order pizza (online, over the phone, app, in person) and what information they look for when researching a restaurant online (reviews, photos, dietary information, location, menu).

From there, we chose 2 participants who we felt were likely to use this website and conducted a  “think aloud” test over Zoom. We asked each person to complete a series of 3 tasks and record their screen. From the completion of these tasks were we able to extrapolate information about the overall user experience based on their mouse movements and thought process while navigating the site.

The key takeaways from our testing include an overall  inconsistent user experience, lack of clarity regarding important information, and ‘option overload’.


01. Understand


Basic site audit

Participant Screen

02. Empathize


Empathy Mapping

User Testing  

03. Ideate



Follow Up

04. Design


Hi-Fi Prototyping

01. Understand

This case study was a collaboration between myself and Tracy, a collegue where we worked together to improve the overall user experience of Pizzeria Farina. This project was not endorsed by them.

Room for Improvement


  • Poor user usability. Three options to order online, making it confusing on which one to select. 
  • Contact page, no contrast – hard to see
  • Lack of images to get a sense of the restaurant and menu 
  • Address is static text, could be improved by adding a directions link.
  • Social icons in right corner – direct users to leave the page. Causing a high bounce rate.

Current Homepage for Pizzeria Farina

02. Emapthize

Hypothesis 1

The site is simple with few navigational tools. As there aren’t clear call to actions, this may confuse users as they try to find information.

Hypothesis 2 

The only images on the site are connected to instagram and take users to the restaurants page when clicked. This may confuse users since it’s not made clear the images are attached to instagram. 

Hypothesis 3

Users will get frustrated when ordering food from their website because there are 3 different options.


Our goal is to create a user centered design approach for users ordering food online from Pizzeria Farina. We want to understand how individuals navigate the current website, what features work well and what can be improved. Through a series of iterations, we’ll improve the success rate for those using the site.

Then, in our revaluation, the System Usability Scale (SUS) score will be above 70 (above industry average).


For this test, we first completed a screener questionaire. From there, we narrowed down our participants to two individuals.


Participant 1

  • Female
  • Aged 26 – 35
  • Post-Secondary Student

Based on our screening questionnaire, this individual  was selected as one of our participants because she eats pizza a few times a month and is likely to order pizza over the phone. We thought she would be a good fit as she is familiar with navigating restaurant websites to view a menu. 






Participant 2

  • Male
  • Age 18 – 25
  • Post-Secondary Student

This individual was chosen as our candidate for our usability test because from the screener questionnaire,  he is likely to order pizza online and is familiar with navigating websites.

04. Methodology

Using the System Usability Score, we tested the overall usability of Pizzeria Farina’s Website.

Based on our testing, the SUS score for the site is 32.5 which suggests poor usability. One of our primary goals is to understand why the score is so low and formulate how we can improve overall user experience.

The two participants were given 3 tasks to complete, one at a time.

  1. Look for images of the restaurant and food.
  2. Find the location of the restaurant 
  3. Order a pizza and beverage online


Due to COVID-19, the usability tests were executed virtually over a zoom call. For the tests, the participant shared their screen and had their mic turned on, so we could hear their thought process as we asked them to “think aloud”. Unfortunately due to these circumstances, we could not record their body language or facial expressions as we did not have the video on to see them as they interacted with the screen.


We recorded our participants observations and noted that they had overlapping reactions when completing the tasks.

This is the Rainbow Sheet we used when we observed our participants as they completed our three tasks. There was a surprising amount of overlap.

Key Takeaways

The results of our testing clearly show the following:

  • Inconsistent user experience throughout the site. A lot of the links on the website take the user to a different window which made the user feel like it was “a broken experience”
  • A simple task such as finding the location was easy, however the usability of getting directions to the location was difficult because it is static text on the page.
  • Option overload when ordering online. There are 3 separate options to order online in the navigation. When it came to the test, the user picked what they were most familiar with, “order online”.



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