The Shore


The Shore – Brand Identity 


For this project, I first looked at some hotel websites to get some inspiration. After I got some inspiration and key points, I chose a location to base this fictional hotel in. The final selection was Byron Bay, Australia. A place that I feel in love with during my travels last year.  Once the location was selected, I looked at some photos on Unsplash and Pinterest and created a moodboard. This moodboard included some photos, typography, and colours that I felt inspired by. 


After I was feeling inspired, I chose what colours I wanted to use. I went for earthy tones that also mimicked the beach, palm trees, and the sun.


Once the foundation of the style tile was complete, I created a logo for the hotel. I sketched a few on paper and then made a few variations using illustrator. It is a minimal logo, highlighting the name of the hotel: The Shore Hotel. 


01. Brainstorm

For this project, my main inspiration was from my travels to Byron Bay in 2019. Remincising of the sun drenched beach and crystal blue waters, I created a moodboard and photo collection on Unsplash to create a look and feel of the fictional hotel.

02. Create

After I got my inspiration and creativity flowing, I created the stationary to create a cohesive look and feel for the hotel.

03. Finalize

To complete this project, I made a brand guideline package with details about the typography, colour, logo do’s and don’t’s, and other important information. 

01. Brainstorm Identity

Located in the sunshine state of Australia, e Swell is a boutique hotel steps away from Wategos Beach in Byron Bay. e style guide for this fictional hotel is inspired by sun rays heating the sand and reflecting o the ocean as well as colours from the nature surrounding the hotel.


To make this hotel come to life, I created a collection of photos on Unsplash that complimented with the look and feel I was going for. 


02. Create Brand Guidelines

For the shore, I created a full brand guideline package that includes typography, colours, and stationary. Below is a sample of my logo creation. If you’d like to see the full brand guidelines, check the link below.

03. Final Brand Guidelines

See Full Brand Guidelines

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