Radiate Skincare


Radiate Skincare


Radiate Skincare is a fictional skin care brand inspired by long days spent at the beach and sun-kissed skin. With the sun radiating, it’s important we nurture our skin with clean ingredients.

The goal of this project is to create a package design and brand identity that’s targeted to a specific audience. Playing around with colour, typography, and layout made the final design come together smoothly. 




Photoshop, Illustrator


01. Brainstorm


To begin, I looked for images on Unsplash. These photos combined created a warm, vibrant, summer feel.

02. Ideate


Once the creativity and vision was flowing,  I sketched multiple logos. After the design was sketched, I  researched many font pairings.

 03. Design


The final logo and packaging was made using Illustrator. Finally, the design was put on a mockup to make it come to life!

01. Brainstorm: Moodboard

Branding & Identity


The design direction of Radiate Skincare is warm, illuminating, and reminiscent of the long summer days spent in the sun. The logo is minimal, featuring an iconic font and a sunburst in the background.

The orange and blue colour choice are complementary, combining the sun with a calming ocean blue. The product for Radiate Skincare is, Afterglow Oil. It is the first product from their clean skincare line. Applied after a day in the sun or during the drier winter months, Afterglow Oil is your saving grace.

02. Ideate: Style Tile

Bold colours and font with a flair, was the perfect match when creating the branding identity for Radiate Skincare.

03. Design – Final Mockup

To visualize the label and logo on the packaging, I added my design to a mockup which was realistic and made the product come to life. 

skincare bottle with label and oil dropper

Stationary Sample

To complete the branding for Radiate Skincare, I created a business card for the founder. The business card uses the primary colour, a vibrant orange paired with a sunburst illustration which encompasses radiating sunrays. Spreading love, sunshine, and skin health!

This image is for the business card for the founder
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