R Denim

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R Denim – Stationary


R Denim is a brand born on the west coast out of a love for blue jeans as deep as the ocean. They believe everyone needs a go-to pair of denim that inspires confidence and breathes comfort. R Denim is a curation of preloved denim that are given a new life instead of being thrown in the landfill.


As a fairly new company, I wanted to design the initial logo and create a stronger brand identity for them. By creating stationary and a unique logo for them to use, the brand can stand out from its competitors.


01. Brainstorm

For this project, I started with a pen and paper and created different layouts for the letterhead, business card, and envelope. After I chose one I liked, I played around with the layout until I found something I loved.

02. Create

After I decided on a layout, I created the stationary using inDesign. I had a lot of fun playing around with the text options to create a branded stationary set that embodied the values R Denim stands for. 

03. Finalize

To finalize the project, I put the stationary in a mockup which made it come to life. I was very happy with the finished product.

01. Brainstorm Layout Design: Roughs & Concepts

The layout for each stationary, took a thoughtful process in order to organize all the information needed on the stationary. The most difficult was the business card because there was a small area to present a lot of contact info. I also wanted it to be a unique design that would be rememberable. 

02. Stationary Designs

Business Card Design

Letterhead Design

03. Final Composition 

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