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This project was assigned in our Graphic Design class. After I got it, I first began the process by making a mind map to see potential ideas to make a magazine. I ended up choosing a travel magazine that highlights Vietnam as I recently went on a trip there last summer. After I finalized my topic idea, I sketched out concepts for the layout of my front page.


01. Brainstorm

For this project, I had lots of ideas I wanted to go with. It was hard to decide which one I wanted to create, so I made a mind map to narrow down my ideas. In the end, I chose the topic that I had several photos and stories for.

02. Create

This was my first ever project using inDesign. There was a large learning curve, however, it was an unforgettable experience. 

03. Finalize

After getting input from peers and friends, I made some small edits and was happy with the final version.

01. Brainstorm Idea

02. Create 

 After I liked one, I made variations of it in my rough’s process. The final front cover ended up being minimal with a large title and an iconic photo of Ha Long Bay, one of the most popular Vietnam travel experiences.

I then made a document with a table of contents to organize my content and figure out what pages I wanted in the magazine. It was also a good time to edit and write my stories about the trip that was a mix of editorial and other relevant information. I also edited my photos from my trip so they were the proper resolution. I realized I needed s few extra images, so I got some from Unsplash and credited the photographers.

Once I had all my content organized, I started working in InDesign. To get myself organized, I numbered all the pages and figured out the layout of my master pages. I created a colour palette that was easy to refer to using swatches. To save time, I created multiple character styles based on the use of text. I also made a few paragraph styles, so I wasn’t restricted to one. I did it section by section and revised some of the content to flow better for the reader.

In the end, I was really happy with my project and ended up with a 16 page spread about Vietnam.

03. Final Product

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