Kits Farmer Market

Poster Layout, Print

Kits Farmer Market – Poster Layout & Design


This project was a self led project to practice my illustrator skills. This project is not affiliated with the Kits Farmer Market. I had a fun time creating all the fruits. I got pictures of fruit and then created a template with Illustrator’s template feature. Using the pen tool, I traced all the fruit except the picnic basket.


01. Brainstorm

I made a list of all the fruit I wanted to include for this poster. I kept in mind fruit that was local to BC and created a folder with the real life fruit to trace.

02. Create

Using Illustrator’s “template” feature, I used the pen tool to trace the fruit. Since I am familar with the pen tool, it didn’t take me that long to complete.

03. Finalize

I made one version, left it for a while and came back to the poster with a fresh set of eyes. I fine tuned some aspects and was happy with the final product.

01. Brainstorm 

I created all the illustrations below using the pen tool. To get the colours, I used the eyedropper tool on the photo so it was realistic despite it being illustrated.




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